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Startup Lahore is a Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) enterprises forums project which is an international organization of committed professionals. MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan (MITEFP) is 1 of 24 international projects working with stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and make differentiation with innovation and technology. MITEFPs plan is to connect Pakistani entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses through workshops, training, education, and Startup Lahore conferences.
Startup Lahore, a part MITEFP was a two-day conference held in Lahore arranged by PlanX Technology Accelerator, a project of PITB, pursued to enhance the sustainability of technology startups as well what Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem has performed and attained in past few years. It gives an opportunity to meet and learn from industry experts by talks and panel discussions (young entrepreneurs represent a number of interesting new business ideas), access to multiple funding channels, network of mentors and exposure to establish high-impact businesses. In it, more than 150 entrepreneurs, 30 angel investors, and 3000 attendees meet with each other and share their ideas. Its aim is to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, speakers, mentors, tech companies, students, incubators and accelerators and simultaneously media on a platform to explore technology-based opportunities that help to build value-driven businesses.
If a new startup wants to evoke investments, expand exponentially or commercialize itself, Startup Lahore is a way which provides all resources to overcome these challenges, solutions and evolve quickly. By joining startup Lahore you will get dedicated mentorship, training, investor networking, scalability, customer acquisition, resources, business development, and partnerships. Startup Lahore till now successfully conducted 2 conferences in which numbers of entrepreneurs get benefited and stimulated. Their criteria is very simple, the startup should be motivated, self-driven, energetic and enthusiastic. Startup Lahore highly encouraged youngsters, entrepreneurs, startups, and connoisseurs to attend this event. They organized biggest events in Lahore and assured to have something for everyone. It gives the community a platform to network and joins them with like-minded people and gets benefited.

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