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Startup Grind is the biggest startup community, energetically educating, stimulating and connecting more than 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in almost 365 cities. It is strengthened by Google for Entrepreneurs. They monthly encourage startups in 300 cities and 115 countries through events, and social media featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators, and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the way to build great companies. Since its development, it assists millions of entrepreneurs, helps in finding the mentorship, associate with partners and hire, pursue finance, and reach new users. Their objective is to assist the innovative companies by their extended network of global facilities so these startups get full access to specific tools, knowledge, skills, experience, direction, and guidance that are missing.

Startup Grind was founded in California and extends their network and now located around the world. In Pakistan, it is launched in 2013 with the emphasis on funding opportunities, team-building, and to decide between entrepreneurship and employment in earlier career stage.  Their mission is devoted to celebrate success stories of initiators and pioneers of business startups and motivate entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs get the opportunities through monthly interviews and startup mixers to make the network with ambitious and determined people and get benefits from “Pearl of Wisdom”. They desired to make the startup journey more connected and more memorable.

Startup Grind is linked with an online and offline network of determined startup communities to assist fuel innovation, economic development, and prosperity at the local level. They focused that a startup should work hard and with full devotion, hire carefully and then work energetically and with full passion with the people you have hired. In this way gets the chance to engage directly with clients, take decisions and explore regions for development.

They receive thousands of startups applications before hosting an event.  Of these applications, 130 were chosen to represent the community of Startup Grind. From the list of 130 startups, 50 were introduced to Global Startup program. Startup program inductee will get an expeditious pitch on stage, pitch training, on-spot branding at the conference, facilitated by 200+ investors, socialized in 600K followers and mentioned in newsletters 100K readers, and get a slot in Startup Court of possible panelists.

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