Innovation District 92

Innovation District92

innovation district 92

Innovation district 92 is a revolution and innovation hub which stimulates the progress of leaders like you, who have enthusiasm and eagerness for business and innovation. This innovation hub helps you to shape your ideas and advances your plan in the right dimension and makes you an eloquent member of their huge network and molds you into a successful entrepreneur.

They provide a variety of services that would raise high-impact startups in every type of community, business or industry. Entrepreneurs regulate the variety of ideas from all fields to their immense team of mentors, investors, makers, businessman and operators who successively helps them in developing, flourishing, branding and marketing their ideas.

Their aim is to provide incubator to start-ups and new ideas, 24/7 co-working space to thinkers and doers, train and groom thousands of youngsters through this project and promote the culture of startups and polish their creativity.
They believe in “Change Makers” and emerged as a result of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Innovation district 92 was launched on 17th March 2018 and offered their services as Mentorship and Technical Assistance, the team of mentors who guide your product establishment, 6 months incubation cycle, services are free of cost for six months for their selected applicants, media, access to Neo Media Network, Lahore Rung, Boom FM106.6, Idea Coron ka and Nai Baat Newspaper, opportunities for investment and number of investors are available on board who helps you to scale your product, the stipend is given to milestone based entrepreneurs, SAFE Instrument Equity model, 2.5% equity will keep when the startup raises investment, opportunities for networking, also provides contact with Board Members and a group of Mentors and Investors from the Industry.

Their vision is to position Pakistan as a revolutionized and innovative district that becomes an identity for ideas and conclusively impact society and economy. Their eligibility criteria are startup team must be minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 5, completed matric/high school, startups from every field can apply and work on their idea full time no half way can be accommodated, and startup must be in incubation center and in Lahore. They submit the online application form before the deadline, mentors shortlist 25 applications, further top 15 ideas are chosen through IDEATE workshop scores(teamwork, creativity and the creation of financial stability), shortlisted ideas are represented in front of the panel on final pitching day. Finalists then incubated for 6 months. Join Innovation District 92 by visiting and be the part of the Journey known as Think, Innovate and Change. Think in education, innovate through ideas and change with the evolving trend.