Early Age Programming

Early Age Programming

Early Age Programming

NO doubt the future of any nation depends on young people. We should develop talent in young people while it becomes late. KPITB has the solution that will change the current education system through which our students will enable to become a part of a global race and compete with the best of the world.KPITB launching Early-age programming and coding to the children of Government Schools.

Memorandum of Early Age Programming:-

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board – KPITB in cooperation with The Elementary Education department and IT department signed a memorandum of understanding on 27 February 2017. According to the MoU, students from class 7th to class 9th in government schools would be taught computer courses in the already established IT labs with the assistance of the provincial department of Information Technology. The ceremony of the project was carry in Puta Hall, the University of Peshawar in which provincial ministers for Elementary Education Muhammad Atif Khan and Information Technology Shahram Khan also join. Public speaking on the ceremony, provincial minister Shahram Khan said that students are the future of the nation and the present government would use all accessible resources to give them a quality education. He further added that in the first phase, the computer programming courses would be taught in 40 boys’ schools and 20 girls’ schools. In the next phase, the project would be spread to all over the province kpk.

The aim of The Program:-

The Early Age Programming spread in 60 different government schools in 14 districts of KP. The aim of the program is to innovate students to the basic principle of programming at a young age. Harvard’s code.org and MIT’s scratch curriculum has been selected for this program. Nearly 2,700 children have an advantage from this program. The KPIT Board and Elementary Education department are planning to expand the program to 300 schools in province KPK. The aim of the program is to introduce students to the basic fundamentals of programming at a young age.


This is a large step toward training young students by giving them a skill that will help them in their university life and also later. Every student should have at least a basic training in coding, and this move by the KPK government is a step in the right direction.