Health and Education is a key sector in technology engagement. In the Health sector, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government introduced the first Online treatment facility in Pakistan. KPITB aims to provide specialized health care service in distant areas where hospitals are not available. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board – KPITB in cooperation with the KP Health Department signed an agreement with COMSATS Internet Services for establishing and operating a Telemedicine Center in Behali, District Manshera at 16 oct 2017. The facility will be spread across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa soon. The ceremony was chaired by the Senior Minister for Health and Information Technology, Mr. Shahram Khan. The telemedicine center will provide facilities to about 23,000 people of the area to direct online services and would be connected with a central control room in Peshawar. According to sources, the project has been established because the government was troubled to post expert doctors at every Basic Health Unit of the distant areas of the province.

KP Health Minister Shahram Khan Tarakai introduce the pilot project and confident that such centers would also be implanted in distant areas of the province to give the best healthcare facilities to common people at their doorstep.

Managing Director KPITB Dr. Shahbaz Khan said the board would continue to act as a motivation in the digital change of KP, making the province standout as a role model in E-Governance.

In the e-ilaj center, Five specialized doctors will offer services. Doctors will be available from 9 am to 2 pm. People will be able to access an expert board of highly experienced doctors by simply visiting the BHU in their villages.

The E-ilaj center aims to less burden on cities hospitals, as people from distant areas often travel to the city for health care. The KP government plans to grow the project to other distant areas of the province soon.

How The E-ilaj system work:-

To Remote diagnose, Patients come to the Telehealth center, which is linked to a control room through high-speed internet. Expert doctors examine the patients remotely and assign treatments. Well trained staff are employed at each E-Ilaj center to help connect patients with doctors in Islamabad. Two rooms have been established for the E-Ilaj first in Behali.