Durshal (Durshal means gateway in the Pashto language) program is initially launched in 13 districts of KPK and has following three action plans for execution:

  • Durshal Community Innovation Lab (CIL)

This will provide incubation facilities to young entrepreneurs and freelancers. Not only providing them with co-working space but also guidance, finance, and support through mentors. The participants will go through a six months incubation period, and they will also be provided with stipends.

  • Durshal Government Innovation Lab (GIL)

This module aims to help government organizations and offices to automate their processes and digitize their services through the introduction of IT and software.

  • Durshal Access Outreach Program

This program is aimed to include every common citizen of KP in the ongoing digital revolution. Helping them to educate and empower themselves by adopting the new technology and IT into their daily life and business processes. This module pays special emphasis on youngsters and female population so that they can improve their lifestyle and make life easier.