Durshal (GIL)

Durshal (GIL)


The KPITB’s has launched another initiative of Durshal that is “Durshal Government Innovation Lab (GIL)”. It collaborated with other KPITB’s civic innovation fellowship program, CFP and world bank groups.

The aim of the project is to provide solutions for government sector processes and prepare them for digitization. Durshal Government Innovation Lab (GIL) provide co-work space to work together on local-government projects and agencies for their service needs.

Back in 2014, the KPITB and code for Pakistan launched the KP Civic Innovation Fellowship programme. For the duration of six months, internees and lab members improved the government process through technology leads, software development, and citizen service. The outcomes are only made possible by leveraging the technology.

All these startups took market competitive value through one platform that is Government Innovation Lab (GIL). The next level of advancement and revolution in the technology were bought through GIL.

In this regard the link building between local government departments, IT industries and investors has made possible by Durshal Government Innovation Lab (GIL).

The agenda of this star up is summarized in the following steps.

  • Capacity Building for Employees

To train Government employee for the departmental resources, it leverages their work and also builds the integral parts of ICT in the presence of government level departments.

  • Further Partnership of Fellowship

In 2014, the KP Civic Innovation Fellowship teamed up with many departmental services such as Traffic police department, Disaster Management authority, Health Department and indeed KP IT Board.

The objective rolls out around these partners to improve government sector resources.

In 2017, five teams were selected to deliver the solution to the above-mentioned partners to improve the service. All these training and fellowship was trained under Government Innovation Lab (GIL).


Following departments are working under this fellowship.

  • Peshawar Traffic Police
  • Water and sanitation service of Peshawar
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism

The KP cyber emergency response also plays the vital role in the province. The initiative also leading by GIL and KPITB. It counters cyber-attacks by training the professionals and individuals on cybersecurity.