Durshal (CIL)


Durshal (CIL)


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) has launched its Project ‘Durshal’in Mardan. The project is all about community engagement in entire districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Durshal took the first initiative of Durshal Community Innovation Lan in each district of KP. The aim of this lab to promote entrepreneurship, digital skills, and youth development by providing co-working space around the districts.

The key points of Dusrshal Community innovation lab are following.

  • Community Development

Initially, Durshal is far ahead to cross-community development in the district and it is only possible through innovation labs. The Community Innovation Lab (CIL) Designed to fulfill the need and aspire the community.

The approach is accessible to all members of CIL. Also have a facility to work together for various pieces of training, meetings and other co-circular activities.

  • Skill Development

The different training programs of KPITB’s such as Youth employment program are offered at Durshal Community Innovation Lab (CIL).


The mentors of this trainings create a mobilize network to enhance the skills development of the community. Few high-tech types of equipment are also available for the community.

  • Economic Development

In the era of online earnings platform, Durshal Community Innovation Lab (CIL) providing huge opportunities by providing co-working space which is accessible to all members.

The start-up boosts such freelancers to turn their idea into the business and provide support to leverage their business.

In this way, the economy is revolutionized with digital development and aspire youth and entrepreneurs.

  • Sustainable Development

Durshal has started such a startup to create sustainability in community development. one of the most advanced levels of development is under CIL. The CIL also make tangible ownership of the community and have potential to generate enough revenues for a community.

The initiative is helpful for the youth to jump-start their career and earn their livelihood through many digital resources. As the increase in KPITB’s development, it’s revolutionized across the province.