Durshal Access Outreach

Durshal Access Outreach

Durshal Acess Outereach Programme

This initiative provides physical spaces to youth outside their universities where they can share an idea, work on it and start their own business. Durshal Access highly encourage women to participate in this startup and make their dreams come into reality with their skills.

Moreover, Durshal Access Outreach Programme playing the vital role in reducing the digital divide across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It leads the awareness among youth and empowers them through many resources. The digital access to digital assets made various changes in the development sector of the government and non-government era.

The Use of the internet in the province was introduced by KPITB through establishing startups alike Durshal and youth employment scheme. The effective approach of using internet made sense to reach and leverage the technology at it’s the best level.

The individual or citizen of KP is more productive than past. The more enhancement takes place in the digital development the more positive outcomes are possible to generate.

The Durshal Access Outreach Programme is the only platform which provides the trainees millions of opportunities under the single platform. Some other initiative of Durshal like CIL and GIL making difference in digitizing the KP.

Few important features of Durshal Access Outreach Programme are following:

  • Telecentres in KP

The universal service fund support telecentres are playing important role in a province by providing technical expertise and reaching the community need like healthcare, financial services by the government of KP and access if Information Technology by KPITB.

  • Gender inclusion of Durshal

The programmes specifically welcome the participation of women in a digital era. It ensures the safety online and empowerment of women by making self-earning through this platform.

Women are highly encouraged to participate in Durshal Access outreach Programme so that they get training from industry experts and leverage the digitization in a community.