Aims and Objectives of e-Rozgaar Program

e-rozgaar objective

E-Roozgar is the freelancing program initiated by Punjab Government. The Program is started by the PITB under the leadership of Punjab CM, Shahbaz Sharif. The purpose of this program is to remove the unemployment in Pakistan. E-Rozgaar is giving a chance to the youth to use their hidden capabilities in freelancing platform. The secondary objective may include increasing the economy of Pakistan. As reduced in employment indirectly boost up the economy on an individual level. The program is mainly based on the learning freelancing skills and utilizing youth talent to earn money through freelancing. This will train the youth in various information technology and entrepreneurial skills. Youth would pursue their studies without dependant on financial support from their family. In fact, e-Rozgaar is providing them a chance to expose themselves globally around every corner of the World.
A lot of students would be able to work part-time besides doing their studies. For doing freelancing, there is no need to go somewhere as it is a home-based job. So, clashing between their work and institute timings is no more a problem. The program initially aims to train 10,000 people per year providing 40 freelance centers in 36 different districts of Punjab. Youth can participate in this 3.5 months long training session.
The following are some major objectives of the program discussed in detailed:
1. Providing employment to Youth:
On the inauguration ceremony of E-Rozgaar, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif said that it is not the only training program; it would bring revolution by generating employment for the youth and preparing Pakistan to take part in Global Technology Race. He added,
‘’Youth are the assets, and the destiny of the country cannot be changed without their effort.”
“This project will specifically benefit the unemployed and under-employed youth in the province by providing a range of basic, medium and high-level skills to avail them of online opportunities and link them globally via freelancing,” he said.
2. Empowering Youth:
Young people of Pakistan are about 60% of Pakistan total population. The statement was concluding that youth is the most important part to bring positive change in the country. Punjab Government is doing the same by providing this training program to all the youth of Punjab. After getting the training, the person become self-employed and self-sustainable
3. Targeted to train 10,000 youngsters per year:
Initially, they set the target to accomplish the training of 10,000 youngsters per year that can bring significant change in unemployment rate. Remember, youngsters are not supposed as it the only class support by the program. But youth are attached to their family. Empowering the youth will indirectly give relief to their family. So, 10,000 families aimed to touch the prosperity level by E-Rozgaar program.
4. To increase the exposure of the youth:
By doing freelancing, the youth of Punjab would interact with people from different areas of the world. They would get the chance to show the positive image of Pakistan. They will also contribute positively to the national economy by bringing foreign currency to Pakistan. This will increase their self-confidence, and they would probably no longer be afraid of doing something unusual.
5. Financially independence:
Money is the root cause of all the problems arising in society. By making youth independent financially means they would no longer depend on their parents for even tiny things. They would study more efficiently without any tension of expenses. And that is desirable for the progress of Pakistan.
6. A hope to fresh Graduate:
After graduation, students have to suffer a lot in finding a suitable job to secure their career. Most of the student get disheartened when they don’t see a job of their choice. Through e-Rozgaar, students can start earning during the tenure of their studies. Even after graduation, they would not have to find any job. Also, those who have been graduated already can learn the skills and start sustainable amount of earning.
7. A home-based job for women:
Women, nowadays, are equally contributing time to bring prosperity to the home. E-Rozgaar program will provide women skills for a platform where they can earn handsome amount working at home.

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