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Being an IT expert, freelancer, and teacher at the same time, I come across some queries every day regarding programs involving some kind of skill development. Pakistan is a developing country with comparatively low penetration of information technology to the grass root level, especially in the remote areas. In most of the cases either there is a lack of education or a useful skill which is increasing the number of jobless population.

Government is trying to introduce relevant programs to help people gain and polish competitive market skills which not only help them to earn but also help to increase the skilled human resources in the country. Some of the leading academic and private institutions are also collaborating in this government initiative to help reduce unemployment and poverty. But the main issue which I have usually experienced is that these initiatives by government and other institutions are not able to achieve their goal because either the targeted population is entirely or partially ignorant from the introduction or existence of any such program.

In this situation, it is the responsibility of people like me who are privileged enough to have knowledge of the IT field and the existing and new opportunities to bridge this gap. We can quickly do this by using our existing means of electronic and verbal communication modes to educate the masses about these new and already running programs. This will not only benefit people but also the increases the success ratio of these welfare programs. This is the main reason for establishing this eSkills platform. Before the idea and creation of this platform, I was already involved in this initiative by other traditional and non-traditional ways. But then I realized that there should be some web platform which should enable people to get one-stop information regarding every e-learning program in the country whether it’s in progress or in the pipeline so that our youth is fully ready to make the best use of it by active participation.

As per some recent surveys, Pakistan is globally ranked at number four in the provision of freelancing IT services and another investigation has shown that the existing percentage of youth is at its highest peak in the history of Pakistan. Both of these facts show us the potential available in our country and on the other hand, this is also an indication of a massive need of programs and initiatives to make the maximum use of this available potential.

Keeping in view all these objectives in mind I decided to build an online platform as a small step in the right direction. This platform of skills is mainly intended to provide the latest and up-to-date information to the current and prospective freelancers and youth regarding any ongoing or future programs which may help them to develop new skills or polish the existing ones. There is no second thought that we need to work hard as a nation to bring ourselves to top place of global IT market and services platforms. This is going to enhance the skills of our youth and also enable them to earn, thus improving their lives and supporting their families.

I encourage you all to visit our site and check the variety of programs as offered by the relevant institutions. We have tried our best to provide you with the latest and up to date information about each of the enlisted programs. My team and I both are available here to help you in every possible manner.

At this skills platform, you will find details regarding various e-learning programs by federal or any provincial government or their departments, any public or private sector university or institution. Currently included programs are Digiskills & eRozgar programs by federal & Punjab governments respectively and programs from LUMS, UET Lahore, TEVTA and KPITB (in KPK). Any future plans will also be included from time to time.

Digiskills program is an incentive of the Federal government which aims to produce one million freelancers in the next couple of years in collaboration with Virtual University and some other local partners. Training will be provided free of cost online in various IT disciplines of the freelancing field.

eRozgar is an initiative of Punjab government which aims to provide training to 10 thousand freelancers annually in 36 districts of Punjab. Training will be provided through Punjab IT board throughout the province in technical, non-technical and digital design fields.

KPITB has also launched several initiatives for provision of bridging the digital divide and freelancing training for the youth of KPK. Some programs are being offered under the umbrella of KPITB to ensure the penetration of IT to the grass root level. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), UET Lahore and TEVTA are also offering several programs to promote the skill development initiative.

Details regarding each of these programs such as eligibility criteria, program duration, registration, application procedure, venue information, stipend (if any) are included to facilitate the visitors. This is the first and one of its kind initiative for youth to provide them with complete one-step information at a single platform.

Our team is continuously working for the site betterment, and we are looking forward to hearing from you in this regard. Please write to us so that we may serve you in a better way.

Happy learning … we are all here to make Pakistan proud..!